Although BIA has a presence in the social media world for some time now, our efforts have not been focused on building our online audience as much as they could have been.  One of BIA’s goals this year is to make a more concerted effort to connect to the online community.  Since MNR uses BIA’s website and online presence, Kelly Ewell, MNR’s Director of Marketing Services, will be taking a more active role in making BIA’s  social media sites more active overall as well. You might be “fans” or follow some of our online profiles, but do you know all of them?



 Google +




 You Tube

 Linked In
 (this is the Linked In social media account)

 Linked In
 (this is the Linked In discussion group)

BIA invites each of you to like, follow, join, or subscribe to each of these sites.  Some of the above accounts are newly created, so you’ll be helping to build our following.

Our use of these accounts will be an experiment at first to find a good balance of how to broadcast our information, but hopefully our efforts will be a good, low cost way of reaching industry members, architects, builders, and planners in real time with our message.  Each social media site has a different focus or slant to it.  For example, Facebook and Twitter are considered the most popular, but the younger generations are moving away from Facebook and towards Instagram. And while there are anecdotes that claim Google+ is not as popular, it’s run by Google and they dominate web searches, so using Google+ is good for Search Engine Optimization and term rankings if nothing else.  By claiming our space in each of these we can give BIA the best chance of reaching all types within our audiences.

We hope to see you online!