Safety measures come in all shapes and sizes.  Fortunately for homeowners, clay brick exteriors have its occupants covered in many different ways.  Be safe and secure from harmful mold, ongoing repairs, damaging fires, and unpredictable storms inside a brick building.

Safe from Mold
Brick construction is a multi-layered system that prevents moisture and mold better than anything else. Of the eight types of materials that account for 90% of home construction, the National Association of Home Builders' Research Center confirmed brick is the best for moisture control. That’s because behind the outer wall of brick is a one-inch column of air that allows any moisture that might get in to either quickly evaporate or exit the wall through weeps at the base of the house.

Safe from Repair
People who own brick homes often say they need no maintenance. Ever. While that may be a bit of a stretch, the fact is that the brick on your new home will need no maintenance for about 100 years. So, while almost every other material requires repeated work, costing thousands of dollars each time you paint or clean or replace, your brick simply won’t.

Safe from Fire
According to most building codes, brick is officially listed as “non-combustible.” If an exterior fire starts, for example, from leaves burning, from another house on fire, or from any other source, brick will not burn. Fire will not penetrate brick walls from the outside. In a one-hour severe fire test, brick withstood the flames the entire time. Compare that to fiber cement which crumbled before the end of the test and vinyl siding that was completely destroyed in 18 minutes. Brick's one-hour fire rating protects your family better than any other non-masonry building material.

Safe from Storm Damage
When it comes to severe storms and flying debris, an independent university sponsored an experiment to find out how brick fares. A machine was constructed to hurl wood 2x4s at hurricane speeds into brick, vinyl, and fiber cement walls. The boards didn’t even nick the brick, but they went right through the vinyl and fiber cement and right into the imaginary living rooms behind them.

So what's the conclusion? The three pigs had it right. Brick is safer.