Sundance Square Brick In Architecture Awards Best In Class Commercial.

With a new world-class plaza and two sustainable mixed-use office buildings as its bookends, the completion of Sundance Square marked the capstone moment to a successful downtown Fort Worth redevelopment. The project features extensive use of clay brick, a material selected for its ability to bring visual cohesion to the surrounding areas and to create a space that invites people to gather and visit.

When assessing the project, the architects considered the site’s location, size, and the style of the surrounding buildings. Their goal was to enhance the vibrant street-level retail spaces, to provide appropriate physical enclosure for a top-tier civic plaza, and to continue Fort Worth’s tradition of constructing refined and distinct buildings that reinforce the area’s timeless and beautiful character.

The architects chose clay brick for its beauty, durability, and ability to stand the test of time. The two opposing buildings, The Westbrook and Commerce Building, were given solid, yet refined, brick façades that further reinforce the handcrafted feel of the neighborhood and its pedestrian-friendly character.  The Westbrook uses a custom blend of clay brick while the largest façade on the Commerce Building was intended to resemble an old mill building which uses crimson brick. The warm and welcoming plaza is also made with brick pavers. With the owner seeking LEED certification for the project, proximity of sourcing for the local materials was an important consideration.

From the beginning, Sundance Square strove to become the primary public outdoor gathering space in downtown Fort Worth. That vision has been dramatically realized, as it instantly became one of the most significant public outdoor gathering spaces in the entire region.

The project is expected to achieve LEED Certification at the Silver level or above.

To see more of Sundance Square, see its feature article in Brick In Architecture.  It will also appear in the December issue of Architect magazine.