The Plaza at One Loudoun is the centerpiece of a new planned town center and has become the heart of Loudoun County, Virginia’s “new downtown.” The One Loudoun development encompasses more than 400 acres, which are divided into residential, office, and mixed-use areas.

A main goal for the Plaza at One Loudoun was to create an area where people could relax and be part of a unique gathering space. The plaza would be a place for residents and visitors to enjoy its entertainment, shopping, and dining choices. In addition to its central location, the plaza has a modern identity offering a concert stage, electronic tag games, and a summertime interactive water fountain. Throughout it all, the unique brick paving pattern adds a warm, inviting feel for all who are drawn to the area.

Inspired by both the classic American town square and the unique paving patterns found in the piazzas of Italy, this modern design incorporates brick pavers, artificial turf, and planted areas. With so much activity on the plaza, its design had to be balanced, unique, and inviting. By configuring the brick into an intricate paving pattern, the design team divided the space of the plaza by activities, yet still created one cohesive space.

The design team quickly turned to brick pavers as the main surface element because of their great variety of colors and patterns. Basket weave, herringbone, and running bond brick patterns were repeated throughout the design using different colors of brick. The effect creates a design with concentric ellipses and crossing stripes that leads the eye to the center of the plaza and stage. The warm brown and tan brick pavers coupled with the lighter-colored concrete pavers imbue the plaza with an old-world feel. Ultimately, the brick pavers have created one visually stunning design.

Compared to other pavements in the surrounding area, the brick pavers and the plaza itself have been warmly embraced and welcomed by people of all ages

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