Add Beauty to Your Home and Garden

When patios, garden walls and pathways are made of brick, these structures take the shape, character and beauty that cannot be matched by other building materials. Even a simple brick design, as found in many brick driveways, can change a utilitarian piece of pavement into something with texture and aesthetic appeal.

Many projects are also relatively easy to do, which allows builders, handymen and experienced "do it yourselfers" to transform yards, gardens, entrances and walls into truly beautiful spaces. And if you let your imagination fly, the spectrum of brick shapes, sizes, colors and textures allows you to create something that expresses your own aspirations and vision.

Paver Photo Gallery
See examples of residential and commercial projects that use clay pavers in the Brick Gallery.

Paving, Patios & Garden Spaces 
Paving, Patios & Garden Spaces is a free guide is written for homeowners and architects that shows how brick enhances patios, garden walls, planters, driveways and pathways. It includes several examples where clay brick turned a merely pretty setting into something extraordinary. Published by Brick Southeast, this pamphlet can be viewed and downloaded for printing.
To see what it's like to lay clay brick pavers, you can view the photos from an April 2004 CBS Morning Show segment where a mason demonstrated how to lay a segment of a clay brick paver patio on the show.

Selected Items from the Brick Bookstore
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Building a Classic Brick Driveway
VHS format, color, 32 minutes. Developed in 1998 in cooperation with HomeTime, this video shows experienced "do it yourself" homeowners and paving contractors how to plan and construct a brick driveway. It includes professional tips and techniques to produce an attractive, low maintenance driveway. Look for item # 967 in the bookstore.

BIA Paver Manufacturer Members
Visit the websites of BIA paver member manufacturers who make and support genuine clay pavers. The variety of colors and depth of offerings will surprise you.
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