Clay Paver Resources and Publications

Brick roads and streets provide a stable and durable surface that can be traced back thousands of years. With proper maintenance and care, clay pavers can provide service for decades - or in some cases, as in Boston's Beacon Hill, even centuries.

Communities are once again re-discovering the charm and long term value of genuine clay pavers. Besides the practical attributes and superior performance of today's flexible paving systems, genuine clay pavers also create an atmosphere that no other surface can. With the rebirth of central business districts, establishment of festival marketplaces, and development of new communities, people are drawn to materials made with a pleasing human scale.
The appearance, strength, warmth, and flexibility of clay pavers across different styles, colors, and locations make them the ideal surface to meet this challenge. And brick's wide spectrum of colors and shapes will work in any setting - from traditional, rural town centers to sleek, contemporary cityscapes.

Some resources and publications that will provide additional information include:

You may find additional resources in our Paver Photo Gallery or in our Brick Bookstore with the keyword "paving".