Community Planning Resources

The following resources may be of assistance to you in learning more about using clay brick in your community.

  • Case Study Communities - Find out how and why other communities are implementing masonry planning policies.

  • Masonry Planning Policy Methods - Learn the methods that can be used in your community to manage design with a masonry planning policy.

  • Masonry Planning Policy Examples - View a number of existing masonry planning policies from communities across the country.

  • Photo Gallery - Explore photos of residential, multi-family, commercial, big-box, and mixed-use structures built with clay brick.

  • Community Benefits of Masonry Planning Policies - Learn how your community can benefit by specifying the use of clay brick or masonry.

  • Economics of Masonry Planning Policies - Find out the economics of good design and how Masonry Planning Policies can affect your community's bottom line.  This and more information can be found in the University of Michigan Study.

  • University of Michigan Study - This study found that the adoption of a masonry ordinance not only enhances the durability and aesthetic value of local properties, but it also increases the property value, tax base, and overall fiscal health of the community. In addition, the research indicates that the adoption of a masonry ordinance promotes population growth and does not significantly affect the affordability of housing or rental costs. For a copy of the full Study, contact Stephen Sears at

  • Ordinance Development Standard, Texas - See a template for a city ordinance in Texas.