Calculators and Tools

BIA is proud to offer these calculators to better understand the cost of clay brick.

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Residential Cladding Cost Comparison Calculator

Our RSMeans powered Cladding Cost Comparison Calculator compares the estimated cost of a four-sided brick home to vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, stone, and wood by zip code and on a national level. 

Cost Comparison calculator 

Mortgage Cost Comparison Calculator

Our Mortgage Cost Calculator is ideal for those who have loan terms in mind and want to compare an estimated monthly mortgage payment of a four-sided brick home to vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, stone, or wood.

Mortgage Calculator


Non-Residential Cladding Cost Calculator

Use our RSMeans powered Non-Residential Cost Calculator imply enter your zip code to calculate the estimated for each of the eight non-residential building models that compares the cladding costs of seven wall systems, including brick veneer/CMU cavity and brick veneer/steel studs. These amounts do not include mortar costs, mason labor costs and installation costs, or any consideration of wasted materials. Click on the building model to expand the data.

Square Foot Pricing Calculator

BIA's Square Foot Pricing Calculator is a great tool to quickly estimate the price per square foot, the number of brick needed for a project, the estimated total cost (excluding waste, mortar and labor installation costs) to easily compare it to other building materials. To get started, select the brick size and quantity you prefer, the cost of the brick, and the total square feet of the project. Our calculator will estimate the number of brick needed for the project as well as an estimated total cost.

Square Foot Pricing Calculator