Associate Manufacturer Member Benefits

Clay brick manufacturing companies qualifying to join as a member of BIA’s National Sector enjoy the following member benefits:

Associate Manufacturer Eligibility

Any business entity engaged in the manufacture of clay brick products in the United States and has total annual shipments of clay brick products equal to or less than 150 million Standard Brick Equivalents (SBE) qualifies to join BIA’s National Sector as an Associate Manufacturer (AM) Member.    

Expert Technical Staff Support

AM member companies have limited support of BIA’s expert technical staff in exchange for due discounts.  BIA staff are available to provide guidance on any clay brick technical or construction related problem or question regarding brick construction and answer regulatory compliance, building code and health and safety questions.  As a brick manufacturer, having an expert available at no additional cost to answer compliance questions related to the EPA’s Brick MACT is an extremely valuable member benefit. BIA staff can also assist in arranging meetings on Capitol Hill with your elected Senators and Congressmen/women on any industry or company specific issue or legislative matter.  

BIA staff support is an important benefit to all members but even more so for smaller companies that many times cannot afford to have engineers, architects, lobbyists and other specialists on their payroll.  An AM member in good standing will receive up to the following annual number of hours of free support from BIA staff (advocacy, compliance & engineering) based on the shipment ranges below:

  • Shipments (in 000s SBEs) from 1 to 15,000:   15 Hours of Staff Support
  • Shipments (in 000s SBEs) from 15,001 to 50,000:   20 Hours of Staff Support
  • Shipments (in 000s SBEs) from 50,001 to 150,000: 25 Hours of Staff Support

Networking Means Sales Opportunities  

AM members are welcome and encouraged to attend BIA’s spring and fall meetings.  AMs will learn about the important work BIA is doing by attending these meetings and can also network with other BIA members including the CEOs of our distributor and manufacturer member companies at these meetings.  This level of access to the leaders in the industry is only available to BIA members.

Program Committees

Because of the significant dues discount AM members receive from the level of dues paid by “full” manufacturer members, AMs cannot participate on any of BIA’s program committees.

Recognition in the Brick in Architecture Awards Competition

BIA produces an annual multipage color insert in Architect Magazine of all Brick in Architecture Award winners.  The insert in Architect Magazine will be seen by over 78,000 architects in print and another 29,000 architects digitally.  As a BIA AM member, if your company produced the brick used in a winning project, the project and your company will get valuable exposure to more than 107,000 architects across the United States.  BIA does not promote the names of non-member companies associated with award winning projects.

Member Company Listing on BIA’s Website

All National Sector AM member companies are included on the membership list on this website so that users of the site looking to purchase brick will only be directed to member companies.  Please Click Here for a list of AM member companies

Industry Specific Production, Shipments & Other Data & Statistics

BIA is a one stop source of information related to clay brick industry.  This member benefit is especially significant since the US Census Bureau has stopped reporting industry specific information making BIA the sole source for this information.  AM members have the option to purchase the following reports six months after their original issue date:

  • Monthly Production & Shipment Reports

  • Monthly Brick Statistics & Permits by State Reports

  • Annual Brick Industry Reports

Advocacy & Lobbying to Safeguard the Industry

One of the most important aspects of BIA’s mission is the safeguarding of the clay brick industry. BIA has a strong advocacy and lobbying program at the federal level and provides more limited support at the state and local levels, including building codes and standards.  Click here for more information on BIA Advocacy & Lobbying efforts

Brick News Online

All BIA National Sector AM member employees receive our monthly electronic membership newsletter of industry news, statistics, upcoming meetings, issues important to the industry and work BIA is doing to promote and safeguard the industry as well as activities of other members.  Only member company employees are eligible to receive the monthly newsletter. Click here for more info.

Try BIA Membership Risk Free

Membership does not require a long-term commitment.  There is no minimum membership period and AM member dues are paid on a monthly basis.  Join BIA today and experience first-hand the many benefits and value your company will receive from being a member.  If you conclude your company is not receiving appropriate value from its BIA membership, simply notify us in writing that you are resigning and only owe dues through the end of the month such notification was received. This makes joining BIA and seeing all of the benefits of membership essentially a risk-free proposition.

Member of BIA Logos 

BIA National Sector members can proudly display BIA Member Logos their website and on any informational or promotional materials to demonstrate their commitment to help BIA to promote and safeguard the clay brick industry.  

Associate Manufacturer Dues

AM members shipping up to 15 million SBE annually receive a 65% dues discount; AMs with shipments up to 50 million SBE annually receive a 40% dues discount and AMs with shipments up to 150 million SBE annually receive a 20% dues discount from the dues level paid by a full manufacturer member.    

Please click HERE for an associate manufacturer dues calculator.