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Brick CBS Early Show Patio Pictures

The 3-stage set-up at CBS Plaza outside the Early Show studios in Manhattan.

"Rent-a-Husband" Kaile Warren and Early Show anchor Russ Mitchell introduce the brick paver patio segment.

Box #1 -  Crushed limestone gravel serves as the sub-base.

Kaile prepares the gravel bed with a landscaping rake.

Box #2 -  Geothermal paper (or "grid") covers the gravel, then clean washed sand is evenly spread and tamped down.

Kaile explains the importance of proper installation techniques to Russ.

Plastic edgers hold the brick in place.  The "Bourbon Street" pavers (4"x 8" red-flashed tumbled brick) were provided by Boral Bricks.

Russ lays in brick as Kaile checks the surface level.

Sweeping sand into the joints is one of the final steps.

Russ Mitchell thanks Kaile Warren for another great do-it-yourself home project.

Viewers were directed to for detailed, step-by-step instructions.


Kaile thanks Joe Rice of Belden Brick Sales and Service (New York City) for his expertise and technical assistance.