Brick Builds Better

Whether it’s a dream house, a suburban school, a downtown storefront, an urban hospital or a restored streetscape, nothing evokes authenticity, durability and beauty like genuine clay brick.


Why Choose Brick?



"The Three Little Pigs” were right: brick provides superior shelter in ways other cladding materials can’t match in terms of durability, fire protection, protection from wind-borne debris and more.



Genuine clay brick is made from natural materials, is inherently recyclable and can last over 100 years. If clay brick isn’t sustainable, what cladding is?



Financial Value

Brick builds better value. No other material provides as much aesthetic, protective and long-lasting value as a building clad with brick.

Brick for Homeowners

Brick doesn't rot, dent or need to be painted, and it will never tear or be eaten by termites. Besides its enviable durability and strength, brick’s modular units and variety of shapes have resulted in beautiful structures in just about every architectural style.

Brick for Professionals

Over 70% of the brick in this country is manufactured by a BIA member, which means interested parties can learn more about brick simply by searching through our member directory. 

Supporting the Clay Brick Industry

In existence since 1934, BIA is the only trade association in the USA devoted specifically to the clay brick industry.



BIA Fall Meetings

October 22-23, 2019
The Greenbrier
White Sulphur Springs
Board and Combined Councils Meetings Audit & Finance and Executive Committees Meetings


We provide a rigorous and exclusive training program to our members, and graduates earn a Certified Brick Specialist certification.


The brick industry recognizes that the stewardship of our planet lies in the hands of our generation. Our goal is to continually seek out innovative, environmentally friendly opportunities in the manufacturing process and for the end use of clay brick products. As demonstrated over time, we are committed to manufacturing products that provide exceptional energy efficiency, durability and recyclability that are low-maintenance, with minimal impact on the environment from which they originate.