Clay Pavers

Pave the way with clay!

Ready to upgrade your outdoor living area? DIY-friendly clay pavers are a great choice to easily transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Authentic clay pavers don't fade in color, are the most durable paving option, and come in tons of different sizes and colors to bring your design to life. Americans have used clay brick pavers since the earliest colonial days. Some pavers are still in place after 200 years!

A winding brick path

Never Fades In Color:

Clay brick pavers come in a ton of shapes and colors to match any aesthetic. Unlike concrete pavers, clay brick will never fade in color. Since the color of a clay unit is literally fired through the body of the unit, at almost 2000°F it does not fade or require sealers like concrete units do. Since clay pavers are made from clay and shale, which are natural, raw materials, clay pavers feature a rich, warm color that other materials cannot mimic.

A brick sauna

Unmatched Durability:

Authentic clay pavers are much stronger and more durable than concrete, and are less prone to deterioration. Most clay pavers have strengths exceeding 10,000 psi, making them some of the strongest and most durable paving materials available. Clay pavers also resist salt and freezing more consistently than concrete pavers. If you're looking for a low-maintenance paver that will last, clay pavers are the way to go.

A brick walkway bordered by flowers


Authentic clay pavers are a great way to elevate your backyard. Homeowners often use them for garden pathways, driveways, sidewalks, patios, garden walls, and much more because of their natural beauty, superior color retention, and low-maintenance requirements.

Clay Paver DIY Projects

Increase your resale value by adding brick on the inside and outside of your home. From thin brick to clay pavers, brick comes in any size, shape, or color you need to bring your vision to life. Check out our favorite DIY clay paver projects for weekend warriors that won't spill into your week:

HGTV DIY Brick Paver Walkway

Authentic clay pavers are the perfect selection to enhance the exterior of your home with a custom garden pathway. Clay pavers are DIY-friendly and are ideal to build with because of their natural beauty, superior color retention, and low-maintenance requirements.

HGTV DIY Brick Spiral Garden

Put a spin on a basic herb garden with a brick spiral planter you can craft in an afternoon! If you're looking for a great weekend project that won't spill into the next week, or even worse, the following weekend, this beautiful brick spiral garden is a quick and easy way to transform your yard. Check out our outdoor living page for more inspo.

HGTV DIY Brick Number Planter

Welcome your guests to your home with a beautiful brick planter you custom designed! This quick and easy project is a great way to boost your curb appeal and make your home stand out from the rest. This is a fun weekend project that you won't have to worry about maintaining, which is one less thing you have to do, so you can spend more time doing what you want.



Influencer's DIY Brick Patio Install Video

Build a clay brick patio to elevate your backyard. If you are a weekend warrior, you will love this DIY-project! BIA influencer, Liz, walks you through the steps in this video below to show you what a difference this brick paver patio makes! More project details can also be found on Pine Hall Brick Company's blog post. This is such an easy way to transform your backyard without having to replace or repair the clay pavers down the road like you would have to with concrete.




You're just 7 steps away from your own brick patio or driveway!

No concrete or mortar is required.

This guide has everything from the materials you will need to different pattern options to even further customize your design. Clay pavers come in a large variety of colors to customize your outdoor space.

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Find a brick manufacturer or distributor near you to learn more about clay pavers. Visit our member showrooms to see color samples in person and plan out your project.

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HGTV's Love It Or List It show host chose brick for her home

HGTV host of the hit show, Love it or List It, Hilary Farr, chose brick for her home's exterior and outdoor living space. She wanted to match the aesthetic of the iconic neighborhood, and brick was undoubtedly the answer.

Why She Chose Brick

The HGTV star used clay pavers for her sidewalk and pool to compliment her home's gorgeous exterior. Learn more about how she used clay pavers to build the outdoor living space of her dreams.

More Home Details



Outdoor Design Inspiration

From eye-catching outdoor fireplaces to outdoor kitchens, clay brick is the low-maintenance way to give your backyard the makeover you always dreamed about.

When you design with clay brick, the possibilities are endless. Check out our outdoor living page for more upgrade ideas:

Outdoor Living Ideas


Proper Installation of Authentic Clay Pavers

This video covers the proper installation of clay pavers and the various steps to take to ensure your next paver project will provide the look and durability you desire.

Compaction of Authentic Clay Pavers

This video covers the proper techniques to compact clay pavers during installation so that your next paver project will provide the longevity, the look, and the durability you desire.


More Clay Paver Inspiration

Check out our clay paver gallery below or visit our outdoor living page for more residential paver project ideas.

Outdoor Design Ideas

Additional Clay Paver Resources

Architects, designers, engineers and of course members of the brick industry have depended on BIA’s Technical Notes since we first published the series in 1950. Each one of these documents is written so that the user will certainly – and frequently exceed – the stipulations outlined in their building code.

Our Technical Notes Series 14 consists of six different topics dedicated to clay pavers. Please see Technical Notes 14 through 14E for more information.