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Clay pavers are another type of clay brick that have been used in the United States since colonial times.

Many of the clay pavers on Boston's Beacon Hill have been in use for 200 years. Charleston, West Virginia installed the world's first clay brick street in 1870. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway installed over three million clay pavers in 1910-1911, and they are still residing under the asphalt surface. BIA actively promotes the use of genuine clay brick pavers, with marketing in professional journals such as the Journal of Landscape Architecture and in trade publications such as Custom Home magazine. Today, genuine clay pavers are selected for garden pathways, driveways, sidewalks, patios, plazas and even roadways because of their natural beauty, superior color retention and low-maintenance requirements.  Since the color of a clay unit is literally fired through the body of the unit, it does not fade or require sealers like concrete units do.

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