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Check out BIA's extensive educational opportunities and technical resources for architects, designers, landscape architects, masons, and builders.

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Online Education Opportunities

BIA proudly provides online training tools and programs, including Live AIA presentations, our exclusive certification program, on-demand webinars, AEC Daily Courses, and other educational resources through our e-learning center, Brick University. BIA also partners with AEC Daily, Architectural Record, Hanley Wood, and more, to continuously provide new courses for industry professionals. Check out our online courses to earn AIA/CES credit below!

Learn With The Brick Industry Association

The Brick Industry Association (BIA) has been the national resource for clay brick construction since our founding in 1934, and BIA is the only organization devoted specifically to the clay brick industry. We offer brick-specific, credentialed education courses, Technical Notes, and other vital resources found nowhere else that appeal to both design and construction professionals.

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YouTube Channel

Those who have tight time schedules can view helpful nuggets of information on our YouTube channel.  We have created over 30 videos that span a variety of topics ranging from architectural and builder issues, to why consumers should look at brick and more.

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AIA Continuing Education

BIA provides a variety of online courses, articles and other resources for industry professionals to earn AIA/CES credits at their own pace. Courses can be found on AEC Daily and our e-learning center, Brick University. Check out the courses below for more information.

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BIA AIA/CES Credentialed Education via AEC Daily

BIA partners with AEC Daily to provide online courses for architects, engineers, and other construction professionals.

(New!) Combining Adhered & Anchored Brick Veneer

Another Look at a Time-Honored Material: Sustainable Brick

Unique Brick Architecture (1.5 LU|HSW)

Incorporating the Forgotten Thermal Benefits of Brick 

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BIA AIA/CES Credentialed Education via Brick University 

The Brick Industry Association provides FREE online programs for professionals to earn AIA/CES credits on-demand. By reading the technical article, architects can then take the ten-question quiz online to earn their AIA/CES credits.

Six courses and two on-demand webinars are available for free via our e-learning center, Brick University, which offers both on-demand content and live education opportunities for architects.



AIA/CES Presentations Delivered In Person

Would your staff be interested in a presentation on a technical topic? The BIA engineer team and Certified Brick Specialists are avaiable to present on eight different topics. For additional information or to set up a presentation for your staff, please contact us to coordinate with the BIA engineers and Certifed Brick Specialists to schedule a visit.



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Certified Brick Specialist Certification

BIA members have taken over 2,500 courses! As this training program is a key offering of BIA membership, this curriculum is offered exclusively to BIA members. If your company is a distributor, manufacturer, or premium contributing associate member of BIA, you have access to Certified Brick Specialist (CBS) program as well as additional courses exclusive to BIA members for free unlimited use. These courses provide a good basic foundation of knowledge on brick and brick masonry. They focus primarily on residential construction with a secondary emphasis on non-residential applications. Emphasis is placed on technical information that will be useful to a brick sales professional in their day-to-day dealings with brick.  The curriculum is comprised of 15 in-depth technical and sales training examinations created and managed by BIA, with six core courses that need to be completed to initially gain the certification. At the end of each course, you must answer 8/10 questions correctly to pass. 

Access Brick University

Recertification: Upon successful completion of the core 6 courses, participants earn BIA’s Certified Brick Specialist (CBS) designation. To maintain your certification, you must complete 2 additional courses each year of your choice. 

Certified Brick Specalists Can Use BIA's Presentations: Once you earn your certification, you need to complete any 2 courses out of 15 Brick University courses annually to maintain your CBS status. Anyone with a CBS can present BIA's engineer vetted presentations to architects as part of a "Lunch & Learns."



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Case Studies and Testing

BIA partners with many different organizations to conduct testing and research to provide vital information and resources to industry professionals. BIA also actively works with community planning professionals and local goverments to conduct case studies in key markets.

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Bricklaying Knowledge Program 

Are you a builder who wants to reduce callbacks or differentiate your homes from the mainstream pack? Then this program is for you. We are proud to offer an onsite "Bricklaying Knowledge Program" that was developed by BIA technical and master mason professionals. Using field models, this program has been specifically created for builders to better understand important aspects of brick and was developed by BIA technical staff and master mason. Contact BIA to learn more.


Looking for more information? Check out these additional resources for industry professionals: