Cladding Comparison

Brick vs. Other Cladding Materials: Why Brick Comes Out on Top

In a sea of modern claddings, brick stands tall and sets the standard. Our competitors are just playing catch-up! We'll compare brick to popular options like stucco, fiber cement, and vinyl, debunking myths about affordability and revealing the advantages of building with brick.


Build Smarter, Build Stronger, Build with Brick

Brick is an investment in forever, unlike fiber cement, vinyl siding, and other synthetic materials. Brick has virtually no upkeep, just timeless beauty that pays for itself. Energy savings, higher resale values, lower insurance brick rewards you for life.





Vinyl siding, fiber cement and other synthetic cladding materials can be thought of as a fast-fashion trend - cheap upfront, but quickly outdated and needing constant upkeep. Brick is the timeless designer classic that lasts a lifetime. While brick may require a bigger upfront investment compared to the compitetion, it's a cost-effective choice in the long run due to its durability, sustainability and value. 


Durably Designed

Brick stands strong against storms that would leave competitors crumpled. Hurricanes, tornadoes, hail– they're all no match for its unwavering dependability. It's even fire-resistant, offering peace of mind in wildfire-prone areas. Plus, brick's thermal mass helps regulate your home's temperature, lowering energy bills and making it a more eco-friendly choice.



When it comes to quality and durability, brick stands alone. No wonder our competitors shy away from comparison.



Building a Better Future: A Comprehensive Comparison of Brick and Alternatives 

Uncover the power of brick and how it offers superior protection from the elements, natural energy efficiency, and exceptional durability. No other cladding can match its lifespan and value. Explore cost comparisons by zip code to discover the benefits of building with brick.


Comparing Clay Brick To The Competition

With so many new cladding materials touting how great they are, is brick still the best investment you can make to clad your home? Read the fact sheets below that compare genuine clay brick to a variety of other cladding materials including concrete masonry, EIFS, fiber cement, manufactured stone and vinyl to learn more. Not only does brick provide unbeatable benefits, it may be much more affordable than you may think! Utilize our calculators to determine the estimated cost differences of a four-sided brick home to other cladding options.


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