Brick vs. EIFS

What is EIFS?

EIFS is an acronym for Exterior Insulation and Finish System, and is also known as synthetic stucco. It's lightweight design may be inticing at first, but the maintenance and repairs may add up more than you expect.

Unlike EIFS, brick is a reliable building material that's been proven for thousands of years. It's extremely durable and requires virtually no maintenance. Brick is non-combustible and has an unmatched fire rating compared to EIFS, stucco, fiber cement, vinyl, and wood. Homes with brick walls don't suffer from the moisture intrusion and resulting destructive effects that EIFS can produce. Brick homes provide a great barrier for pests and mold. as well, and brick does not contribute to the growth of fungus or mold. 

Ditch the upkeep of EIFS and design with thin brick for both interior and exterior uses for a low-maintenance, lightweight building material that is more durable to withstand the elements than EIFS.


Brick vs. EIFS

Get the facts comparing clay brick to EIFS. Learn how this fake stucco alternative is made and how it stacks up next to clay brick. 



Brick is a naturally sustainable material and is recyclable. Compare the sustainabilty of EIFS to clay brick see just how "green" brick is: 

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Benefits Of Brick

From superior protection from the elements to minimal maintenance, learn more about the benefits of building and renovating with brick.

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Alternative Option

Ditch the upkeep of EIFS for low maintenance thin brick. Thin brick is a low-maintenance, lightweight building material that's great for indoor or outdoor use, and is more durable to withstand the elements than EIFS.

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