Brick Influencers

The Brick Industry Association has proudly partnered with a number of brick influencers to showcase projects and the beauty of brick. Check them out below!

The Traditional Charm of Brick

Amy Miles adores the way her brick fireplace looks during Christmas, especially with a beautifully decorated mantel. Miles used General Shale’s Peppermill thin brick with a heavy German Schmear and white mortar for her living room fireplace. Amy believes brick is traditional and timeless, effortlessly enhancing the style of any home. Watch her reel to learn more about the timelessness of brick.

Influencer: @a.milesdesign

What Kind of Brick is That?!

Katie Keever, an influencer specializing in lifestyle and home content, collaborated with BIA's Thin Brick Council to showcase the beauty of thin brick! Katie has incorporated thin brick into various areas of her home, including the mudroom floors, fireplace, kitchen backsplash, and stairwell wall. Recently, she even put thin brick as a backsplash in a completed basement kitchenette. She appreciates the playful charm that thin brick brings to these spaces, along with the material's durability and easy maintenance.

View the influencer post here.

Influencer: @katiekeever

The Real MVP: Brick!

Katie loves the gorgeous brick in the exterior of her home...espescially that it is virtually maintenace free! In her reel, she mentions energy efficiency was also a big sell living in Texas. Katie regularly shares off the beautiful brick inside and outside of her home with pride.

Influencer: @SimplyKatieLynn

Using Brick in Home Exteriors

Lyndsey, who provides excellent new construction and renovation home designs, has had three custom home builds that have all been made from brick. In a post, Lyndsey points out there is no need to paint brick to achieve a certain color because of the vast variety of options to color match. She loves how the material is timeless, provides excellent element protection, and requires minimal maintenance in this reel. Explore her blog to learn more ways you can use brick!

Influencer: @highlandhomedesignco

The Design Appeal of Using Brick

Leigh Anne, who built her forever home in Alabama in 2020, wanted her newly constructed home to exude the character of an older home. She incorporated different building elements to help her accomplish this goal - one being thin brick. In her entryway, Leigh Anne used thin brick as a flooring material. View her post to learn more about why you shouod build with brick. 

Learn more about this influencer reel here.

Influencer: @NobleRoadAbode

Building Your Dream Home With Brick

Victoria, a Florida-based home builder, aimed to infuse her home with a historic Southern ambiance by employing a rustic, messy mortar technique for an "old world" appearance. She cherishes the warmth and character that brick brings to a home, appreciating its sustainability, durability, and the added value it contributes to a property. Click here to view Victoria's post and reel about why she chose brick. 

Influencer: @LakefrontFarmhouse

Farmhouse Design Using Brick

Holly chose to construct a farmhouse with brick, captivated by its aesthetics, appeal, and durability. She shares valuable insights on the advantages of opting for brick in construction, offering practical tips on incorporating it into various aspects of any home. Check out her beautiful brick fireplace here.

Learn more about all the ways you can use brick in you home here.

Influencer: @TheStriplingFarmhouse

Exterior of white brick home

Benefits Of Building With Brick In Indiana

Indiana-based home influencer, Adrienne is passionate about home design after building her dream home from the bottom up. She regularly shares home building tips and trends, including a reel detailing her top reasons for building with brick with her clients to help them build the home of their dreams. Check out the reel here.

There are so many benefits to building with brick. Click here to learn more.


Exterior of white brick home

Adding Warmth & Texture To This Cozy Florida Farmhouse

Victoria made a post and reel detailing why she chose to incorporate brick throughout the interior and exterior of her Florida farmhouse home. Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons, she loves how durable and sustainable brick is.

Learn more about the benefits of building with brick in the Southeast here.


A brick walkway

Why Kentucky Realtor + Home Designer Brings The Brick Home

Kentucky Realtor and Custom Home Designer, Tera, wrote a fantastic blog detailing the reasons she encourages her clients to build with brick. She also gives great styling tips on how to achieve farmhouse, coastal, and other trendy exterior styles. Check out her reel covering her top brick accent designs here.

Influencer: @HomeByCardinal

A brick farmhouse with shrubs in front of it

When You Deal With Seasonal Tornados, You Build With Brick

Brendt shared a reel covering the top 5 reasons she chose to build with brick. One of the main reasons is to stay safe during tornados, which she experiences seasonally in the Southeast Region.

Clay brick is the ideal building material for storm damage prevention. Click here to learn how brick withstands the elements.

Influencer: @SheGaveItAGo

Cozy home interior with a red-brick fireplace

Design Consultant + Interior Stylist Builds Her Dream Home With Brick

Amy, a design consultant and interior stylist, recently relocated to Idaho where she built her dream home. She posted a photo and reel detailing how she incorporated brick on the exterior and inside her home. Amy even designed her great room around this gorgeous two-level fireplace!

Learn more about the benefits of building with brick here.

Influencer: @a.milesdesign

Two women conversing at World of Concrete Expo

BIA Staff Go Live With Mason Influencer, Ashton White At World of Concrete!

BIA staff attended the legendary World of Concrete event in Las Vegas in January, 2023. During that time, BIA got a chance to meet up with two-time masonry champion, Ashton White, to talk about all things masonry.

Ashton shared her favorite resources, tips for people interested in masonry, and gave an inside scoop about life as a mason and insights about World of Concrete.  Click here to check out the Instagram Live.

Influencer: @ThatMasonryGirl

The white interior of a home's den with a brick fireplace

Designing Your Interior & Exterior Around Your Showstopping Brick Features

When Holly was building her Georgia farmhouse, brick was front and center for both the interior and exterior design. She told her followers in a reel that she knew brick would be the highlights of the home, and incorporated it on her front porch, kitchen backsplash, and fireplace. In a post, Holly told her followers that she still has to pause to take a moment and appreciate her fireplace when she walks by.

She regularly showcases her beautiful brick features on her Instagram and you can truly see the passion. When you build your forever home, don't settle for less than what you want.

Build something you will love and appreciate every day! Learn more about the benefits of brick here.

Influencer: @TheStriplingFarmhouse

dining area with thin brick backsplash

Nashville Realtor Showcases Reclaimed Brick From Her Hometown In Her New Build

Kelly's gorgeous home has been featured in HGTV, The New York Times, Crate & Barrel, and House Beautiful, just to name some! One of her most asked questions is where she got her brick from... and the story does not disappoint. In a post, she told her followers how she scored reclaimed Silver Fox brick that was salvaged off an old gas station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pay homage to her childhood home.

Since brick is 100% recyclable and can be reused on new builds and renovations, there is a ton of potential for design. She loves having a piece of her personal history incorporated into her forever home in Nashville. If only those walls could talk...

Learn more about the sustainability of brick here.


A den with bricked fireplace

Benefits of Building A Brick Farmhouse

Lindsay had no doubt in her mind that brick was the way to go for low maintenance, durability, and aesthetics. In a reel, she talked about some of the main reasons she wanted to build her Tennessee farmhouse with brick is because it is energy efficient, 100% recyclable, and will last for decades. She complimented her brick home exterior with a beautiful brick fireplace that is the centerpiece of their main living space.

Learn more about the benefits of building with brick here.


A woman holding a chicken sitting in front of a brick wall

Building A Sustainable Brick Legacy That Protects Against Hurricanes

Christine used two different types of brick in her build. We love accenting brick with brick! She talked about how low maintenance it is (no painting, sealing or expensive upkeep) and the protection it provides against hurricanes, which regularly plague her home in North Carolina. Having a brick home provides her comfort and security when threatened with severe weather. She made a two-part reel (part 1 & part 2) where she candidly talks about how sustainable brick is. Brick is made of natural materials and can be recycled and reused on new builds. 

Another special reason that Christine wanted to build with brick is to honor her father who was a mason. It is amazing that this home represents such a brick legacy. Like Christine says, brick is here for generations to cherish!

Learn more about the sustainability, storm protection and more benefits of building with brick here.


A brick farmhouse in North Carolina

Dream Homes Are Made Of Brick

Ever since Elaine was a little girl, she dreamed of owning a white brick home. When the time came for her to build her forever home in North Carolina, there was no question about what building product to use. She showed off her gorgeous white brick home in a reel and shared her favorite brick benefits. She also told her followers in a post how low maintenance and durable brick is, which were main selling points for her, aside from aesthetics.

Learn more about the benefits of building with brick in the Southeast here.

Influencer: @NCModernFarmhouseDesign

Christmas tree on a brick floor

Brick Throughout The Home Is A Vibe

When Chasitiy was designing her Georgia home, she knew she could choose any backsplash and floor that she wanted, and she decided to go with brick without hesitation. She loves the character and uniqueness that brick brings to the space without adding any maintenance. Chasitiy answered her most asked brick questions and why she chose brick in this post. She incorporated brick in all three main living areas to tie the space together.

Learn how you can incorporate brick throughout your home's interior with thin brick.

Influencer: @LoveHurtts

Brick backsplash in a rustic kitchen

Building A Sustainable Kentucky Ranch Home With Brick

Krista made a reel and post showing off her brick accent wall, fireplace, and kitchen backsplash in her beautiful ranch home in Kentucky. She used brick that was fired in her neighbors backyard in 1865! Brick is 100% recyclable and can be reused in interior and exterior builds. When it comes to sustainability and style, clay brick has it all.

To get more information about the benefits of building with brick in the Southeast Region, click here.

Influencer: @44_Ranch

kitchen with thinbrick backsplash

How To Transform Your Home With Brick

It's safe to say Tina's house looks absolutely MAGICAL decorated for Christmas! She loves her easy-to-clean brick backsplash and beautifully decorated brick fireplace for the holiday. She was excited to show off her holiday spirit in a picture, reel, and blog post. Check out the kitchen transformation to see how the brick backsplash completely transformed the space on her blog - talk about an impressive before and after shot!

Learn more about thin brick backsplashes here.

Influencer: @My.Farmhouse.Fanatic.Life

White brick fireplace with christmas stockings

Brick Fireplaces Bring The Christmas Magic

Scarlett couldn't wait to decorate her long-awaited brick fireplace. Her last few homes didn't have one, and boy did the brick fireplace bring the magic on Christmas Day! She made a post and reel about how magical brick is during Christmastime, and we couldn't agree more!

Influencer: @WhiteFloridaFarmhouse

Brick backsplash behind a stove

Don't Settle For Less - Go Brick!

Meeghan is fully obsessed with her brick backsplash and she wants everyone to know it! Her builder tried to talk her out of it but she refused to settle for less than the brick backsplash she wanted. Read Meeghan's full story on her blog to get all the details about her gorgeous brick backsplash.   

Influencer: @caligirlinasouthernworld

Easy To Install, Easier To Clean! Why You Need A Brick Backsplash

Jennifer loves how low maintenance her brick backsplash is and how easy it is to clean. It's the highlight of her kitchen and it's easy to see why! A thin brick backsplash is great for the weekend warrior and completely transforms your kitchen!

Learn more about thin brick here.

Influencer: @JenniferKAdams

Thin brick archway entering kitchen

Your Next Upgrade: A Thin Brick Arch

About The Project: Thin brick weighs much less than full brick and is much lighter, making it perfect for projects like this gorgeous arch. See more in this video.

Learn More: Read Jamie's blog to learn more about thin brick and why she has incorporated it throughout her whole home!

Influencer: @montgofarmhouse

thin-brick backsplash behind a stove top

Why You Need Thin Brick!

About The Project: Katie and Travis Keever are proud of the thin brick they have incorporated throughout their home. From a beautiful brick backsplash to thin brick floors, the Keever's show you different ways to transform your home with thin brick. Check out the video here.

Learn More: Thin brick is much lighter and thinner than full brick, making it perfect for backsplashes, fireplaces, accent walls, floors, and so much more. Click here to learn more about thin brick. 

Influencer: @KatieKeever + @KeeverFarmhouse

Ashton White two time national masonry champion

Learn About Masonry With Ashton!

About The Project: Two-time National Masonry Champion, Ashton White, created a series of posts detailing masonry competitions and sharing insights on what masonry is like.

Check out the series here:
Get to know Ashton White! 
Ashton White Talks Masonry
Words Of Encouragement from Ashton
Ashton Shares Her Experience As A Female In Masonry

Influencer: @ThatMasonryGirl

a dog in the shower of a thin brick bathroom

The Benefits of Thin Brick

About The Project: This DIY couple has been installing brick inside and outside their home. They proudly show off their brick backsplash, thin brick floor, brick fireplace and beautiful clay brick exterior on a regular basis.

Learn More: See the full video to learn more about the benefits of brick for your next project!.  

Influencer: @KatieKeever + @KeeverFarmhouse

white kitchen with thin brick basksplash

The Aesthetic Power Of A Brick Backsplash

About The Project: When Meeghan was designing her home, she knew she had to have a brick backsplash. When her builder tried to talk her out of it, she wouldn't budge. Check out this video to see why Meeghan is still just as in love with her brick backsplash years later, as the day it was first installed.

Learn More: Read Meeghan's full story on her blog to get all the details about her gorgeous brick backsplash. 

Influencer: @caligirlinasouthernworld

dogs resting before a fire in a brick fireplace

DIY Brick Projects To Inspire You

About The Project: Jamin and Ashley are proud of all the brick inside and outside of their handmade home. Not only did they build their own brick patio, but they were passionate about incorporating brick throughout the house. Check out this video to see their beautiful brick fireplace, backsplash, and more!

Learn More: The Handmade Home team is passionate about low maintenance, yet aesthetically pleasing brick features to add character throughout their home. Looking for DIY brick ideas? Get the details on all of Jamin and Ashley's brick features on their blog.

Influencer: @thehandmadehome

thin brick backsplash over a kitchen sink

Obsessed With Exposed Brick

About The Project: Kelly wouldn't budge on installing exposed brick in her home. She loves the character and warmth the brick provides. See how beautiful the exposed brick is throughout Kelly's home in these pictures

Learn More: For more information about DIY-friendly thin brick, click here.

Influencer: @homeonanashvillehill

thin brick backsplash over a kitchen sink

Why You Need A Brick Floor

About The Project: Michele talks us through one of her favorite features in her home - the stunning herringbone-patterned brick flooring. Between the low maintenance, durability, and aesthetic appeal, she doesn't regret installing her brick floor for a second!

Learn More: Read Michele's blog to learn all the reasons why she loves her brick flooring. Check out our thin brick page to learn how you can renovate your home with brick.

Influencer: @simplymicheleb

Brick Arch, Fireplace and More!

About The Project: Talk about making a statement! Jamie Montgomery's house features a gorgeous brick arch, fireplace, and more, pulling all the brick elements together throughout the house. 

Learn More: Read Jamie's blog to hear straight from the source about why she loves incorporating brick throughout her home. 

Influencer: @montgofarmhouse

Styling Brick For Christmas

About The Project: Brick makes everything seem more magical during the holidays. Whether it's a snow-covered brick house or a beautiful brick fireplace decorated in garland, you can't go wrong with styling brick for any season. See how Katie and Travis Keever likes to style the beautiful brick features in their home for Christmas and get the answers to the top questions they're asked about brick.

Learn More: Check out this video to see how Katie and Travis style their kitchen, fireplace, and brick home this time of year. Don't forget to peep the caption to get the answers to the Keever's most-asked brick questions. 

Influencer: @keeverfarmhouse

thin brick backsplash over stovetop with a cooking pot on it

Brick Backsplash Questions

About The Project: Jennifer Adams put together a quick video to go over her most-asked brick questions about her beautiful brick backsplash. Check out Jennifer's video here

Learn More: For more information about thin brick, click here.

Influencer: @jenniferkadams

a circular brick patio

DIY Thin Brick Patio

About The Project: BIA partnered with the talented Liz Kamarul to build her own brick patio in her backyard using thin brick. She worked with Pine Hall Brick to complete her vision. You can see the process on her Instagram stories.

Learn More: Learn more about Liz's DIY process on Pine Hall's blog.

Influencer: @Liz_Kamarul

a person painting a brick fireplace

DIY Painted Brick Fireplace

About The Project: Jodi painted this brick fireplace from traditional red brick to a beautiful white brick that really opens up the room. Wow, what a transformation!

Learn more: Check out her blog post for more information.

Influencer: @HouseOnASugarHill

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