Brick vs. Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement Siding: Beyond the Initial Appeal 

While fiber cement siding may seem like a good option at first glance, it lacks the proven history and durability of brick. Unlike brick, fiber cement siding requires yearly maintenance, including joint inspections and repairs. Additionally, some brands boast a "50-year warranty" that excludes damage from mold and mildew, raising questions about its long-term performance. Furthermore, fiber cement siding needs to be painted and protected from moisture unlike brick which has it's color is baked in and will never fade. Repairs like patching chips and dents can be challenging due to potential mismatch with the original grain and the need for silica dust protection during sanding or sawing.



Build for generations: Choose clay brick for long-lasting beauty, security, and sustainability.




Don't Be Fooled by Fiber Cement's Claims

While fiber cement boasts fire resistance, its wood pulp content limits its rating compared to brick's superior performance. Further, fiber cement proves vulnerable to impact, pierced by a 2x4 at just 25 mph, far from the hurricane-resistant standard of brick.

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Fiber cement siding, while often a newer addition to homes, can still experience color fading. This is due to several factors such as UV radiation, water absorption, improper installation, low-quality materials, and harsh weather conditions. Clay brick's exceptional strength and composition allow it to withstand all of these factors with ease.

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Brick: Your Lifetime Investment

Beyond the initial price, brick's durability and minimal maintenance save time and money on repairs throughout its centuries-long lifespan. Compared to fiber cement, brick's overall cost-effectiveness is clear, encompassing initial investment, maintenance, and energy bills. Choose brick and build for generations.




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Brick vs. Fiber Cement 

Beware of the upkeep. Fiber cement's allure hides yearly caulking, repainting, and repairs.



Fading Siding Concerns

Fading color adds to fiber cement frustration for residents in a fairly new development:



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