Brick Distributors

Who Are Current BIA Members?

BIA members manufacture brick, distribute clay brick or provide products and services to the industry.  In fact, over 70% of the brick sold in the US is made by a BIA member. Since many manufacturers and distributors have more than one location, you can find one closest to you through BIA’s database.

Who Are Current Distributor Members?

BIA member distributors purchase clay brick products for resale and they can be standalone firms, distributors who have multiple locations or even divisions of manufacturers.  Whatever the case may be, distributors also help lead our association as several BIA Chairmen have been distributors.

Why Be a BIA Distributor Member?

National distributor members are part of the governance structure of BIA and are eligible for voting seats on the Distributor Council and the National Board of Directors.  Distributor members enjoy unlimited access to all confidential information, reports, industry data, training materials and BIA staff. For a complete list of Distributor benefits, CLICK HERE.

What Are Councils?

Local councils are organized under the National sector and can be located anywhere in the continental United States.  Local councils offer the opportunity for participating companies to pool their resources to promote brick within a council’s jurisdictions, usually a city or county.  Any company – regardless of BIA membership status - can join a local council and there is no National sector membership requirement. Go here to learn more.

What Is Brick University?

Designed to impart a high-level knowledge about brick products and the brick business, the Brick University curriculum is comprised of 13 in-depth technical and sales training examinations created and managed by BIA. Upon successful completion of all exams, participants earn BIA’s Certified Brick Specialist (CBS) designation.  As this training program is a key offering of BIA membership, this curriculum is offered exclusively to BIA members.

What’s Going On?

BIA is involved with several types of events that are integral to our industry.  We offer members-only events where members conduct the business of the association and participate in networking events, broader events, such as the Brick Forum, that involve the entire brick industry and other meetings where the brick industry plays a part with others.  See the calendar here.  

Where Can I Find Out More Information?

BIA has published documents that have helped architects, designers, builders and homeowners for decades.  And since the US Census Bureau stopped publishing production and shipment information on the brick industry, BIA doubtlessly has the most authoritative market information on clay brick construction.  If you have a question about brick, chances are we can answer it in this section.

Where Can BIA Members Get Their Information?

To see information relating to market intelligence, association meetings and news, committee updates, educational opportunities, and tools created for member use, please click here.