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As a member of the only national trade association devoted to clay brick, you have access to personnel, educational classes, market research and other programs found nowhere else.

Training & Certification

Brick University

BIA provides member companies unlimited access to highly regarded online training materials. Members can make the successful completion of these classes a requirement for their employees. BIA can provide member companies with reports of their employees’ status in completing these classes.

Designed to impart a high-level knowledge about brick products and the brick business, the Brick University curriculum is comprised of 15 in-depth technical and sales training examinations created and managed by BIA. Upon successful completion of the core 6 courses, participants earn BIA’s Certified Brick Specialist (CBS) designation.  To maintain your certification, you must complete 2 additional courses each year.  As this training program is a key offering of BIA membership, this curriculum is offered exclusively to BIA members.

Anyone with a CBS can present BIA's, engineer vetted, presentations to architects as part of a “Lunch & Learn” using BIA’s AIA education number. BIA will handle the administration to make sure participating architects receive their education credits from AIA.

The online training classes are designed to play as videos, and all have voice-over narration of the course material. When finished with the presentation, the user will be presented with a list of 10 questions. To successfully complete the course, the user must answer eight of the 10 questions correctly.


BIA has many great educational videos on our YouTube channel as well as specific videos offered only to our members.



Market Research 

BIA provides members with market research to be used to develop collateral materials for promoting brick. BIA collects some of this information, such as Brick Industry Data Systems (BIDS) production and shipment reports, from members. BIA also purchases market research such as RSMeans residential and non-residential cost studies or conducts studies or online surveys. The BIA Board of Directors has not authorized funding for BIA to directly promote clay brick. Instead, BIA provides this information with the intent of providing members with the “raw materials” they can use to develop their own promotional collateral or to use this information on their companies'  websites.  

Market Positioning

BIA has produced short summaries of clay brick’s advantages over other competing wall cladding/siding. These competitive product sheets or summaries are intended for member employee or salesperson use and are not intended to be used as a “leave behind” or public document. BIA updates these summaries as new data is obtained so be sure to check here for the latest version.

Materials Research

BIA coordinates and cooperates with our “sister” organization, the National Brick Research Center (NBRC).

BIA staff intends to hire a consultant and a laboratory to conduct both NFPA 285 and ASTM E119 fire tests on several thin brick wall assemblies in 2018. Be sure to check back here later this year to read and download these thin brick assembly fire test results.

Brick Industry Association Membership Information

The Brick Industry Association (BIA) is the national trade association representing distributors and manufacturers of clay brick and suppliers of related products and services. The association has been the nationally recognized authority on clay brick construction since its founding in 1934, and it represents the industry in all building code forums and national standards committees. BIA provides a broad range of programs and services including online education and training classes; production, shipment and other data and statistics specific to the clay brick industry; Technical Notes on Brick Construction; Brick in Architecture; Brick in Home Building; Builder Notes; and a national awards contest. BIA strongly advocates on behalf of the clay brick industry at the federal and state levels. BIA staff educate city planners and elected officials about the many benefits of clay brick construction. These efforts have resulted in hundreds of masonry ordinances that require new construction to use a percentage of clay brick and other masonry cladding. See the membership benefits for all of our membership types.

Governing Documents & Policies

The following are the governing documents and policies that BIA members and/or staff must follow.

Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation

                                                      BIA Bylaws


One of the most important things a trade association can do for its member companies is to advocate for the industry on behalf of members. A national trade association like BIA advocates on behalf of the clay brick industry and its member companies in a number of different ways. Find more information regarding BIA's advocacy work here.