Find Brick Professionals

Genuine clay brick is typically sold by manufacturers or specialized distributors – many of whom go through BIA’s specialized training. Brick comes in many different shapes and colors, and can be used in just about any application you can think of. Brick isn’t sold at a typical big box store. Not surprisingly, there are many types of companies and organizations that depend on our industry.

Find Your Brick Resource

BIA members manufacture brick, distribute clay brick, or provide products and services to the industry. Many manufacturers and distributors have more than one location,and  you can find the one closest to you through BIA’s database.

Brick Sculptors

BIA’s members have compiled a list of brick sculptors who literally transform these modular units into striking works of art. You may have seen some of them in your hometown, and they range from relief murals, free-standing sculptures for downtown uses and art that brick enthusiasts display in their house. Click here to see the list.

Certified Brick Specialists

If you want to speak to a credentialed professional who really knows about clay brick products, consider speaking with someone who has earned a Certified Brick Specialist (CBS) certification from BIA. This designation is reserved for those individuals interested in achieving a higher level within their profession who have passed 13 in-depth technical and sales training examinations created and managed by BIA.

Masons and Mason Contractors

We depend on skilled professionals to install the product correctly so that the brick project in question – whether it is a single family home, a commercial project or a renovation – will perform for decades of trouble-free service and look good doing it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are over 64,000 brick and block masons in the U.S. as of May 2016. Learn more about our mason partners here.  


BIA member distributors purchase clay brick products for resale;  they can be stand-alone firms, distributors who have multiple locations or even divisions of manufacturers. Whatever the case may be, distributors also help lead our association, as several BIA chairmen have been distributors. Click here to see an alphabetized list.


BIA’s member manufacturers make over 70% of the brick made in this country, which means there is a good chance that the brick you buy is from one of our members. Our membership of 25 manufacturers includes companies that are subsidiaries of multinational corporations, mid-size companies with several locations, as well as stand-alone manufacturers that have been in the same families for generations. Click here to see an alphabetized list.

Suppliers/Contributing Associates

Did you know that brick only makes up 80% of a brick wall? The other 20% is comprised of mortar made from a BIA member supplier/contributing associate. Companies who help further the brick industry who do not make or sell brick are contributing associates. They play a critical role in our industry, and you can click here to see an alphabetized list.

International Members

While most brick is manufactured and sold in the U.S., there are companies who have a keen interest in the American brick industry. Click here to see an alphabetized list.