Atlanta Brick Council

Atlanta Brick Council Members
Atlanta Brick Council Members
Atlanta Brick Council Members
Atlanta Brick Council Members

The Atlanta Brick Council consists of manufacturers and distributors of clay brick in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are looking to build your dream home or renovate, brick is a great option to boost resale value, and provides the best protection against the elements. Brick comes in a ton of different colors, shapes and sizes to bring your personal style to life. The average cost to build a four-sided brick home in Atlanta, GA costs 17% less than stone, 5.9% less than wood siding, and 0.3% less than stucco. When you build with brick, you can count on energy savings and unbeatable fire and storm protection with minimal maintenance over the decades, which other building materials simply can't match. 

Unbeatable Fire Rating

General Shale Branded Logan Canyon Brick

No other building material can take the heat like clay brick. If your home is threatened by fire, brick can protect against fire for 1.5 hours, whereas vinyl and fiber cement siding won't withstand an hour.

Fire Protection Information

Designed To Last Generations

General Shale Branded Winter Haven Brick

Clay brick is 100% recyclable, sustainable, and extremely durable. If you are looking for a stylish building product that will provide energy savings and has very little maintenance, clay brick is the building material for you.


Ideal Storm Protection

North Georgia Brick Patio Wall

Clay brick is built to withstand the Georgia storms! Keep your family and belongings safer from tornados and hurricanes with clay brick. There's a reason the third little pig's home was the one to last...

Storm Protection Facts

Inspo Gallery

General Shale Outdoor Fireplace

Brick is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. From accent walls to backsplashes, to pathways and outdoor fireplaces, clay brick can do it all, in style. Check out our photo gallery to get inspired for your next project!



Unsightly Vinyl Siding Concerns for New Home in Atlanta

This homeowner discovered a concerning problem with their new home's vinyl siding. In the summer sun, the heat causes the vinyl to expand and contract around nails that weren't fully driven in, creating an unsightly, bumpy appearance.

This experience highlights the importance of durable materials like clay brick. Brick offers lasting beauty and avoids issues like warping or buckling due to temperature changes.

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Why Georgia Influencers Love Brick!


Influencer Lovehurtts' brick flooring

Holly - @TheStriplingFarmhouse

When Holly was building her Georgia farmhouse, brick was front and center for both the interior and exterior design. She told her followers in a reel that she knew brick would be the highlights of the home, and incorporated it on her front porch, kitchen backsplash, and fireplace. In a post, Holly told her followers that she still has to pause to take a moment and appreciate her fireplace when she walks by.

Holly regularly showcases her beautiful brick features on her Instagram, @TheStriplingFarmhouse, and you can truly see the passion. When you build your forever home, don't settle for less than what you want. Build something you will love and appreciate every day!

Learn more about the benefits of building with brick:

Brick Benefits

Chasitiy - @LoveHurtts

When Chasitiy was designing her forever home in Georgia, she knew she could choose any backsplash and floor that she wanted, but she as she told her followers in this reel, she decided to go with brick without hesitation.

She loves the character and uniqueness that brick brings to the space without adding any maintenance. Chasitiy answered her most asked brick questions and why she chose brick in this post. She incorporated brick in all three main living areas to tie the space together.

Learn how you can incorporate brick throughout your home's interior with thin brick:

About Thin Brick

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Influencer Lovehurtts' brick flooring

Atlanta Brick Council Members

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