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Build something that will last generations, provide the best protection against fire and storms, and is energy efficient.

Clay brick is extremely durable and comes in a ton of colors, sizes, and shapes to make your vision come to life. The average cost to build a four-sided brick home in Detriot, MI costs 17.1% less than stone and 5.3% less than stucco. When you consider all the benefits a brick home provides, it is one of the best investments you can make.

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Why Choose Brick?

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  • Low Maintenance 
  • Unbeatable Fire Rating 
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Ideal Storm Protection 
  • Extremely Durable 
  • Sustainable & Stylish 
  • Doesn't Fade In Color 
  • 100% Recyclable 
  • Built To Last Generations 
  • Boosts Resale Value 

More Brick Benefits

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Brick Influencers

Influencer Homeonanashvillehill's Brick Kitchen Accent Wall

Check out our influencer's gorgeous brick features to see how they incorporate brick throughout their home.


DIY Guides and Videos

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Transform any interior or exterior space with DIY-friendly thin brick. It is perfect for kitchen backsplashes, floors, accent walls, exterior use and much more.

DIY Guides and videos 

Outdoor Living & Landscaping 

A brick fireplace outdoors

Customize your home with clay brick by matching the exterior to the interior to complement your style.

Outdoor Living

Inspiration Gallery 

A brick archway over a kitchen

From gorgeous home builds to DIY ideas, check out our brick photo gallery to plan your next project!

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