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White Brick home in Texas


Build a home that works for you, not the other way around!

Brick homes provide the best storm protection and require the least amount of maintenance and repairs over the decades compared to vinyl, fiber cement, and stucco. On average, brick homes also have higher resale values and lower insurance rates.



Find Your Local Brick Showroom:

Many of the leading brick manufacturers and distributors have teamed up show Texans the beauty and benefits of building with brick.


Brick Influencers

A bricked kitchen

Check out our influencer's gorgeous brick features to see how they incorporate brick throughout their home.


DIY Guides and Videos

a white bricked home

Transform any interior or exterior space with DIY-friendly thin brick. It is perfect for kitchen backsplashes, floors, accent walls, exterior use and much more.

DIY Guides and videos 

Outdoor Living & Landscaping 

a bricked patio and pool

Customize your home with clay brick by matching the exterior to the interior to complement your style.

Outdoor Living

Inspiration Gallery 

a brick den

From gorgeous home builds to DIY ideas, check out our brick photo gallery to plan your next project!

Photo Gallery


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