Brick Influencers

The Brick Industry Association has proudly partnered with a number of brick influencers to showcase projects and the beauty of brick. Check them out below!


Your Next Upgrade: A Thin Brick Arch

Brick Influencer
: @montgofarmhouse

About The Project:
 Thin brick weighs much less than full brick and is much lighter, making it perfect for projects like this gorgeous arch. See more in this video.

Learn More: Read Jamie's blog to learn more about thin brick and why she has incorporated it throughout her whole home!


Why You Need Thin Brick!

Brick Influencer: @KatieKeever + @KeeverFarmhouse

About The Project:
 Katie and Travis Keever are proud of the thin brick they have incorporated throughout their home. From a beautiful brick backsplash to thin brick floors, the Keever's show you different ways to transform your home with thin brick. Check out the video here.

Learn More: 
Thin brick is much lighter and thinner than full brick, making it perfect for backsplashes, fireplaces, accent walls, floors, and so much more. Click here to learn more about thin brick. 


Learn About Masonry With Ashton!

Brick Influencer: @ThatMasonryGirl

About The Project:
 Two-time National Masonry Champion, Ashton White, created a series of posts detailing masonry competitions and sharing insights on what masonry is like.

Check out the series here:
Get to know Ashton White! 
Ashton White Talks Masonry
Words Of Encouragement from Ashton
Ashton Shares Her Experience As A Female In Masonry


The Benefits of Thin Brick

Brick Influencer: @KatieKeever + @KeeverFarmhouse

About The Project:
 This DIY couple has been installing brick inside and outside their home. They proudly show off their brick backsplash, thin brick floor, brick fireplace and beautiful clay brick exterior on a regular basis.

Learn More: 
See the full video to learn more about the benefits of brick for your next project!.  

brick backsplash aesthetics

The Aesthetic Power Of A Brick Backsplash

Brick Influencer: @caligirlinasouthernworld

About The Project:
 When Meeghan was designing her home, she knew she had to have a brick backsplash. When her builder tried to talk her out of it, she wouldn't budge. Check out this video to see why Meeghan is still just as in love with her brick backsplash years later, as the day it was first installed. 

Learn More: 
Read Meeghan's full story on her blog to get all the details about her gorgeous brick backsplash.  

DIY Brick Ideas

DIY Brick Projects To Inspire You

Brick Influencer: @thehandmadehome

About The Project:
 Jamin and Ashley are proud of all the brick inside and outside of their handmade home. Not only did they build their own brick patio, but they were passionate about incorporating brick throughout the house. Check out this video to see their beautiful brick fireplace, backsplash, and more!  

Learn More: 
The Handmade Home team is passionate about low maintenance, yet aesthetically pleasing brick features to add character throughout their home. Looking for DIY brick ideas? Get the details on all of Jamin and Ashley's brick features on their blog

exposed brick for homes

Obsessed With Exposed Brick

Brick Influencer
: @homeonanashvillehill

About The Project:
 Kelly wouldn't budge on installing exposed brick in her home. She loves the character and warmth the brick provides. See how beautiful the exposed brick is throughout Kelly's home in these pictures

Learn More: 
For more information about DIY-friendly thin brick, click here.

michele thin brick flooring

Why You Need A Brick Floor

Brick Influencer
: @simplymicheleb

About The Project:
 Michele talks us through one of her favorite features in her home - the stunning herringbone-patterned brick flooring. Between the low maintenance, durability, and aesthetic appeal, she doesn't regret installing her brick floor for a second!

Learn More: Read Michele's blog to learn all the reasons why she loves her brick flooring.

montgofarmhouse brick features

Brick Arch, Fireplace and More!

Brick Influencer
: @montgofarmhouse

About The Project:
 Talk about making a statement! Jamie Montgomery's house features a gorgeous brick arch, fireplace, and more, pulling all the brick elements together throughout the house. 

Learn More: Read Jamie's blog to hear straight from the source about why she loves incorporating brick throughout her home. 

keever farmhouse brick decor

Styling Brick For Christmas

Brick Influencer
: @keeverfarmhouse

About The Project:
 Brick makes everything seem more magical during the holidays. Whether it's a snow-covered brick house or a beautiful brick fireplace decorated in garland, you can't go wrong with styling brick for any season. See how Katie and Travis Keever likes to style the beautiful brick features in their home for Christmas and get the answers to the top questions they're asked about brick.

Learn More: Check out this video to see how Katie and Travis style their kitchen, fireplace, and brick home this time of year. Don't forget to peep the caption to get the answers to the Keever's most-asked brick questions. 

Jennifer's brick backsplash

Brick Backsplash Questions

Brick Influencer
: @jenniferkadams

About The Project:
 Jennifer Adams put together a quick video to go over her most-asked brick questions about her beautiful brick backsplash. Check out Jennifer's video here

Learn More: For more information about thin brick, click here.

DIY Brick Patio by Liz

DIY Thin Brick Patio

Brick Influencer
: @Liz_Kamarul

About The Project:
 BIA partnered with the talented Liz Kamarul to build her own brick patio in her backyard using thin brick. She worked with Pine Hall Brick to complete her vision. You can see the process on her Instagram stories.

Learn More: Learn more about Liz's DIY process on Pine Hall's blog.

DIY Painted Fireplace by Jodi

DIY Painted Brick Fireplace

Brick Influencer:

About The Project: Jodi painted this brick fireplace from traditional red brick to a beautiful white brick that really opens up the room. Wow, what a transformation!

Learn more: Check out her blog post for more information.

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