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HGTV DIY Authentic Brick Paver Walkway

Authentic clay pavers are the perfect selection to enhance the exterior of your home with a custom garden pathway. Clay pavers are DIY-friendly and are ideal to build with because of their natural beauty, superior color retention, and low-maintenance requirements. Since the color of a clay unit is literally fired through the body of the unit, it does not fade or require sealers like concrete units do. Your project will look great for a very long time!

HGTV DIY Thin Brick Video

Thin brick is the perfect selection to enhance the interior or exterior of your home with applications such as brick siding, a brick fireplace, or kitchen backsplash. Check out this video from HGTV on how to add a beautiful, thin brick focal wall to your home! With wide color and texture choices, thin brick expands your design potential for DIY projects. And because real thin brick is made from fired clay, it’ll look great for a very long time!

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Seven Steps To Build A Brick PatioHow To Install A Brick Patio In Seven Easy Steps

Transform your backyard with a beautiful brick patio. This DIY-friendly project doesn't require mortar or concrete. Check out our guide for a list of supplies and our easy, seven step directions!

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Brick Shapes Guide

Brick Shapes Guide

Brick is a solid material that offers flexibility in design. This "Do It Yourself" section offers ideas for simple but elegant ways to create dramatic architectural effects with brick. These projects are great for professionals in the brick industry as well as the "weekend warrior."

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Clay Paver DIY Guide

Clay Pavers Idea Book

Find inspiration in our Clay Pavers Idea Book, It is full of cool patterns and awesome brick designs. Make your dream driveway, patio, or walkway a reality with clay pavers.

Idea Book

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Choose Thin Brick For Your Next DIY Project!

Thin Brick For Weekend Warriors

Thin brick are perfect to transform any indoor or outdoor space. This DIY-friendly brick is much thinner and lightweight than traditional brick, making it the perfect material for accent walls, floors, backsplashes and so much more.

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DIY-Friendly Authentic Clay Pavers

Build Your Own Walkway, Patio, Or Driveway!

Authentic clay pavers are a great way to enhance your sidewalk or outdoor area. Pavers don't fade in color, require very little maintenance and look amazing. Start planning your next project today!

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