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HGTV DIY Authentic Brick Paver Walkway

Authentic clay pavers are the perfect selection to enhance the exterior of your home with a custom garden pathway. Clay pavers are DIY-friendly and are ideal to build with because of their natural beauty, superior color retention, and low-maintenance requirements. Since the color of a clay unit is literally fired through the body of the unit, it does not fade or require sealers like concrete units do. Your project will look great for a very long time!

HGTV DIY Thin Brick Video
Thin brick is the perfect selection to enhance the interior or exterior of your home with applications such as brick siding, a brick fireplace, or kitchen backsplash. Check out this video from HGTV on how to add a beautiful, thin brick focal wall to your home! With wide color and texture choices, thin brick expands your design potential for DIY projects. And because real thin brick is made from fired clay, it’ll look great for a very long time!

Firefighters Choose Brick
Get the facts! Hear from firefighters why they prefer brick. Time is of the essence! Vinyl walls are destroyed by fire within a few minutes, whereas brick is fire-resistant and can withstand heat for about an hour and a half. This allows first responders to have more time to safely evacuate everyone and prevent additional fire damage to your home.

Clemson Impact Test
This impact test isn't something you're going to want to miss! Check out Clemson University's team simulating flying debris to show the durability of brick, stucco, and vinyl siding. See for yourself how brick will withstand the storm.


10 Ways Brick Delivers More Value Than Fiber Cement
Clay brick requires virtually no maintenance, saves energy, reduces insurance costs, increases resale values, absorbs exterior noise and is the safest wall cladding for your home, providing better protection from fire, wind and hail. Clay brick provides superior protection for your family and home, and does so with a timeless style of unmatched beauty and quality. Why choose brick? Simply put, because it’s the best!

Severe Storm Sent Large Lumber Piercing Through Fiber Cement Home
Why should you choose brick over fiber cement for your siding? This terrifying story highlights the weakness of a fiber cement house, and the dangers that are attributed with a weaker exterior. Homeowner Nicholas Harvey described the sounds from the storm “Like a freight train,” as at least six large two-by-four pieces of lumber, over six feet tall, through Harvey’s Perry townhome. That debris landed just an inch away from him! Check out the video to hear this shocking story for yourself.

Why You Should Choose Brick Exteriors Instead of Siding for Your Home
This video compares brick with other home exteriors debunks the common myths about genuine clay brick versus its competitors. With frank pros and cons on the latest in sustainability features, maintenance needs, costs, fire safety and more, the package stacks brick against the top alternatives -- vinyl siding, concrete masonry, manufactured stone, fiber cement siding and Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), otherwise known as synthetic stucco.

Fire Testing - Brick Vs. Vinyl & Fiber Cement
Fire tests conducted at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio compared hollow brick, fiber cement, and vinyl siding, to see which building material was more resistant to fire. All exterior home materials were exposed to fire for one hour. Check out the video to see which material passed the durability test.

Brick vs. Fiber Cement Siding
This video shows that homes built with brick offer dramatically more protection from wind-blown debris than homes built with vinyl or fiber-cement siding. The study, conducted at the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University, simulated wind-blown debris traveling at 34 mph towards both the brick veneer and a fiber cement-sided wall.

WLKY News Clip
This local news clip shows the damage from a storm on a house with vinyl siding. Debris commonly causes damages to home in bad storms, especially if your house is made with vinyl. This video demonstrates why you should choose a strong building material like brick to keep you and your home safe.

Brick vs. Fiber Cement
Fiber cement is not as strong as you think! It needs seam caulking, has moisture concerns, wavy siding, chips & repairs, painting and continual maintenance, as well as installation Issues. This video demonstrates why brick is the superior building material when it comes to durability and maintenance.