2023 Brick in Architecture Awards

2023 Award-Winning Projects

Since 1989, BIA has been showcasing the year's most impressive clay brick projects in the annual Brick in Architecture Awards competition. The 2023 awards brought in 44 projects that placed in Best In Class, Gold, Silver, and Bronze across the 9 different categories, as well as an overall Craftsmanship Award that only one project earns.

The categories are Craftsmanship, Thin Brick, International, Residential Single Family, Commercial, Residential Multi-Family, Education (Colleges & Universities), Paving and Landscaping, Education (K-12), and Historic Renovation. The winners were announced via press release, in email and social media campaigns, as well as through Dezeen.

Best In Class Look Book

Craftsmanship Award Winner:

Ace Hotel Toronto

2023 Craftsmanship Award Winner

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