Square Foot Pricing

How Much Does Brick Cost Per Square Foot?

Clay brick is often sold at a price per thousand brick. The following calculator will translate that price per thousand to a price per square foot.

To estimate the price per square foot of brick for your home, first select your brick size from the drop-down list in the calculator below. The three sizes listed are the most common sizes for residential use. Next, select the state in which your new home will be built. Once these two selections are made, the calculator will display the estimated uninstalled brick price per square foot.

Brick Square Foot Pricing Calendar


Please select the Custom Calculator below to enter a specific brick size and/or a specific brick price.

Need a custom cost estimate based on other brick sizes or a specific brick price? Use the Custom Brick Calculator below for more control over your cost estimate.

Custom Brick Square Foot Pricing Calculator

Example. Brick height is 2 3/4" Enter as 2.75

Example. Brick height is 9 5/8" Enter as 9.625


(If quote is per 1,000, divide by 1,000 first)

These calculator results are only estimates. The price shown is an estimate of the uninstalled brick material cost only and does not include waste, mortar, or labor costs. The brick costs are the average price of all residential brick sizes sold in a given state as reported annually by our member companies. The national average price for residential brick was used for states for which we did not receive data.

Please click here for the RSMeans estimated installed cost (including material, mortar, labor, and waste) for brick compared to other home wall cladding materials.