Why Choose Brick?

Clay brick requires virtually no maintenance, saves energy, reduces insurance costs, increases resale values, absorbs exterior noise and is the safest wall cladding for your home, providing better protection from fire, wind and hail. Clay brick provides superior protection for your family and home, and does so with a timeless style of unmatched beauty and quality. Why choose brick? Simply put, because it’s the best!  

Clay brick is proven to withstand the test of time. 

Unbeatable protection against the elements, sustainability, energy savings, and unmatched durability are just some of the reasons why you should build with brick. Unlike other building materials, the brick color won't fade over time and requires minimal maintenance over the decades. Not only does it look amazing, but clay brick will even save you money in the long run! Brick is 100% recyclable and can be reused on new builds.

Brick Benefits

Energy Efficiency

Unbeatable Fire Rating


Protection and Durability 

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Unlike fake materials that are engineered and altered to look like something they're not, brick is made from some of Earth’s most abundant and natural materials. Brick is also 100% recyclable as it can be either salvaged and reinstalled on other buildings and homes, as they are built or are renovated. Clay brick can also be crushed for sub-base materials or chipped brick for permanent landscaping mulch.


There are reasons why there is a vibrant salvage market for brick, but not one for fiber cement, vinyl siding, and other synthetic materials.

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Affordability and Energy Efficiency

Low Maintenance

Save money and time when you build with brick. Not only is brick durable, but it requires minimal maintenance throughout the decades. Unless you paint it, you won't be bothered with upkeep or repairs like you would with vinyl siding.

Energy Savings

Clay brick will save you money on your energy bills! Brick has been proven to improve energy efficiency up to 26% better than fiber cement, vinyl or even EIFS (synthetic stucco).

Cost Comparisons

A brick home is much more affordable than you may think! Brick exteriors represent less than 10% of the total construction cost. On average, the national construction cost of a four-sided clay brick home is 23% cheaper than stone, 6% cheaper than stucco.

Best Protection Against The Elements

Fire Protection

Clay brick can take the heat! On average, clay brick provides an unbeatable 1.5 hours of protection against fire compared to stucco and vinyl barely lasting 30 minutes, if you're lucky. This extra time allows firefighters to safely evacuate everyone while minimizing the damage to your home and property.

Storm Protection

When it comes to hurricanes and tornados, clay brick stands strong to protect your home against wind-blown debris. Brick homes exceed Florida's 34 mph impact resistance requirement for high velocity hurricane zones as well as Florida's impact resistance requirements.


Clay brick comes in countless colors, sizes and textures to transform the look of any build. From interior backsplashes, accent walls, and flooring to exterior siding, pathways, and sculptures, brick is a showstopper! Brick’s natural ingredients and modular size enable the product to be built in just about any architectural style, ranging from colonial, Victorian, prairie, craftsman, ultra-contemporary or something in-between. Whatever look you're going for, clay brick is the answer!


Clay brick is the perfect way to transform the look of your home's interior and exterior. With so many different colors, sizes, textures, and applications, you won't be disappointed when you choose brick for your dream home. Thin brick is a great option for DIY and renovation projects.

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Think of who has used brick on key projects: Famous architects such as Thomas Jefferson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Pelli Clarke Pelli, to the local firm that the local elementary school. Projects clad in brick will look better – for far longer – than they will clad in most other materials.

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Clay pavers have been used in the United States since colonial times. Whether it is a driveway, a contemporary plaza or downtown streetscape, today’s clay pavers give a sense of stature and color vibrance that is unmatched by other segmental paving systems.

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