Many of the most beautiful buildings and streetscapes have been clad with fired clay brick. Because of brick's incredible longevity, flexibility and permanent color, brick looks just as great on historic colonial structures as it does on sleek, contemporary office buildings.  Visit our photo gallery for various aesthetic looks.


Brick’s natural ingredients and modular size enable the product to be built in just about any architectural style, ranging from colonial, Victorian, prairie, craftsman, ultra-contemporary or something in-between.

Acme 1


Think of who has used brick on key projects:  Famous architects such as Thomas Jefferson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Pelli Clarke Pelli, to the local firm that the local elementary school.  Projects clad in brick will look better – for far longer – than they will clad in most other materials.

Endicott 5


Clay pavers have been used in the United States since colonial times.  Whether it is a driveway, a contemporary plaza or downtown streetscape, today’s clay pavers give a sense of stature and color vibrance that is unmatched by other segmental paving systems.