Brick Home and Calculator

Estimate the Cost of Clay Brick on All Four Sides of Your House


Launch the Mortgage Calculator To use the calculator you will need your estimated mortgage loan amount, loan interest rate and the estimated cost of clay brick for all four sides of your home.  See the the cost of clay brick.  The cost of clay brick vs other cladding is listed as the second line under each ZIP Code.  Determine the difference between clay brick vs another cladding option to see the change in your monthly mortgage payment.  For example, the cost of adding clay brick vs stucco to all four sides of the 2,700 square foot home in Charlotte, NC ZIP Code 28201 is $2,598 (clay brick cost is estimated at $18,763 and stucco is estimated at $16,165).  In this scenario, the cost of having all four sides of your new home clad with clay brick is only $10.70 a month to get all the benefits of brick!