Leveraging Member Relationships

BIA employs a number of tools in the work to safeguard brick.  Coming under the auspices of the Committee on Government Affairs and Compliance, BIA leverages resources of staff and outside consultants as well as alliances with like-minded trade associations.  But no tool in the arsenal is as important as utilizing and leveraging relationships of BIA’s active members.  Three primary examples are described here. 

Nothing is more important to the BIA advocacy efforts than relationships forged by brick representatives with their legislators.  There are many things BIA members can do to increase positive exposure for the industry and build or renew relationships with members of Congress back in their home districts. Foremost among these is hosting lawmakers at your facility.

Facility Tours stand as one of the most effective ways to establish or cultivate a relationship with your elected officials.  These afford the chance to increase lawmakers' understanding of: a) legislative and regulatory issues most important to brick the industry, and b) the industry’s many economic, environmental and community contributions.  

A Capitol Hill Fly-In that brings BIA members to the offices of two dozen key Senators (Elizabeth Warren, D., MA) and Congressional Representatives (Liz Cheney, R., WY).  In 2019, almost a dozen BIA members briefed Congressional staff and elected officials of the industry’s economic contributions and policy concerns, e.g.: 

1) either sloppy or excessive regulation out of such key agencies as OSHA and the EPA;
2) operator desire to access affordable trucking solutions;
3) need for quality training of potential workers; and
4) desirability of business-enhancing legislation that would boost infrastructure as well as investment in digital communications capabilities in America’s rural areas.

Given the gravity of some of the key policy issues confronting the industry, it is critical that BIA members generously support Brick PAC for a Stronger America.  Brick PAC is a bi-partisan political action committee disbursing money to campaigns of pro-Brick federal legislators.  These leaders are critical in forging national policy that is sensitive to the brick industry’s needs.  Contributions to Brick PAC enable BIA to support the reelection of pro-brick legislators, who typically need to raise between $5,000-$15,000 a day to run successfully for re-election.  BIA was pleased that, in 2019, members increased their contributions by more than 80 percent!     

Contact: Joseph Casper
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