Build Something Real With Brick

Brick doesn't rot, dent, or need to be painted, and it will never tear or be eaten by termites.  Besides its enviable durability and strength, brick’s modular units and variety of shapes have resulted in beautiful structures in just about every architectural style.

Why Choose Brick

Standard 400 x 250


"The Three Little Pigs” were right: brick provides superior shelter in ways other cladding materials can’t match in terms of durability, fire protection, protection from wind-borne debris and more.

Modular 400 x 250


Many of the most beautiful buildings and streetscapes have been clad with fired clay brick. Because of brick's longevity, flexibility and permanent color, it looks just as great on historic colonial structures as it does on sleek, contemporary office buildings.

King 400 x 250

Financial Value

Brick builds better value. No other material provides as much aesthetic, protective and long-lasting value as a building clad with brick.

Energy Efficiency

Recent research of common residential wall assemblies shows brick reduces the amount of heat that transfers through the wall up to 50% better than fiber cement, vinyl or even EIFS (synthetic stucco).


Talk to Your Builder

talkingtoyourbuilder (1)

If builders say brick is too expensive, don’t be misinformed!! Brick is actually much less expensive than many homeowners are led to believe. In fact, full-size, genuine clay brick is significantly less expensive than artificial (and of course real) stone, and not that much more expensive than fiber cement. These numbers come from RSMeans ® - not BIA. So if a builder doesn’t want to use brick after hearing all of this, why not?

Thin Brick

Transform any indoor or outdoor space with DIY-friendly thin brick. Learn more or get inspired with our creative ways to use thin brick.

Videos For The Homeowner

Why choose brick? These videos will teach you all about the benefits of brick and how you can implement brick on your property.


Why Choose Clay Brick

Do It Yourself


Brick is a solid material that offers flexibility in design. "This Do-It-Yourself" section offers ideas for simple but elegant ways to create dramatic architectural effects with brick. These projects are great for professionals in the brick industry as well as the "weekend warrior."

Clay Brick Pavers

In the U.S., Americans have used clay brick pavers since the earliest colonial days. Some pavers are still in place after 200 years. Today, many architects, homeowners, builders, designers and city planners prefer clay brick pavers over other surfaces because of their superior color retention, unmatched durability, strength, design options and low maintenance. For homeowners, clay pavers can transform garden pathways, driveways and patios.

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