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Protect your home from tornados, wildfire and flying debris with clay brick. With an unbeatable fire-rating, the best durability and ideal protection against storms, build with brick to keep your home and belongings safe. Brick is a great way to elevate your home inside and out. With tons of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, you can build a custom dream home with brick.

Why Choose Brick?

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Why Influencers Love Brick!

BIA's southern influencers share why they are passionate about brick and how it withstands the elements. Check out all of BIA's influencer collabs here.

Brick protects against tornados reel

Brick influencer, Brendt shared a reel covering the top 5 reasons she chose to build with brick. One of the main reasons is to stay safe during tornados! Watch her reel to learn more benefits of building with brick.

Why Indiana influencer chose brick

Indiana-based home influencer, Adrienne is passionate about home design after building her dream home from the bottom up. She covers her top reasons for building with brick in this reel.

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Find a brick professional in Indiana near you to visit a showroom or learn more. If you are interested in finding more locations, please contact us or check out BIA's Bluegrass Brick Council page. The BIA Indiana Brick Council works closely with BIA's Bluegrass Brick Council, which represents clay brick members in Kentucky and Indiana.

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