Brick University

Designed to impart a high-level knowledge about brick products and the brick business, the Brick University curriculum is comprised of 13 in-depth technical and sales training examinations created and managed by BIA. Upon successful completion of all exams, participants earn BIA’s Certified Brick Specialist (CBS) designation.  As this training program is a key offering of BIA membership, this curriculum is offered exclusively to BIA members.


The Curriculum

The online training classes are designed to play as a video and all have voice over narration of the course material.  When finished with the presentation, the user will be presented with a list of 10 questions. To successfully complete the course, the user must answer 8 of the 10 questions correctly.  View the 13 Courses

Take the 13 Courses to Become a Certified Brick Specialist today.

Key Benefit of Certified Brick Specialists

You achieve the status of “Certified Brick Specialist” which entitles you to the following:
  • Use of BIA’s AIA Number to give AIA Accredited Continuing Education Presentations
  • Use of BIA's Continuing Education Presentations created by BIA Engineers
  • BIA reports educational credits to AIA saving member companies time and administration